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Trade association monitoring court order for FDA to speed up review of vaping products

A trade association is taking a “wait and see” stance following a federal court ruling that orders the Food and Drug Administration to speed up its review of vaping products.

Vaping advocates urging FDA to appeal federal court ruling ordering review of products

Advocates for vaping are urging the Food and Drug Administration to appeal a court ruling ordering the agency to speed up its review of the use of e-cigarettes.

Vermont latest state to move forward with hefty tax on vaping products

A bill passed by Vermont's two legislative chambers to impose a 92 percent wholesale tax on vaping products, including liquid-filled cartridges and electronic devices is likely to be signed by the governor.

Opponent of drive to raise vaping minimum age voice concern over ‘unintended consequences’

Disparate groups are raising their voices against moves by legislators to raise the minimum age to buy vaping products, with claims that they may backfire and undermine public health.

Little evidence increased taxes on vaping products decreases teen use, campaigners say

One reason for hiking up taxes on vaping products is to recoup revenue lost from the drop in the sale of traditional tobacco, according to one advocacy group.

Senate move to increase vaping minimum age poses 'unknown risks'

Proposals to increase the federal minimum age for the purchase of vaping products, spearheaded by Sen. Mitch McConnell, may have unintended consequences, according to those opposing the plan.

Restrictions on store sales of flavored vaping products miss the point, retailers say

New federal regulations barring most stores from selling flavored e-cigarettes are being characterized as government over reach by some retailers.

Avalanche of bills indicates vaping will continue to be a hot topic

More than 200 bills targeting e-cigarettes have been filed this session in state legislatures, a record, according to a prominent advocate for vaping and smoke-free products.

CASAA CEO chides FDA commissioner's claim linking seizures to vaping

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who left office last week, was accused by a prominent vaping advocate of "throwing rubbish against the wall" as he walked out the door.

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