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Heated Tobacco Products vaporizing Japanese cigarette sales

Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs) have created a substantial impact in foreign countries, such as Japan and South Korea, gaining a 17.4 percent share of the cigarette and heated-tobacco-stick market and contributing to declining cigarette sales in Japan, according to a report from the American Cancer Society.

Large percentage of parents believe vaping is addictive, unsafe

South Nassau Communities Hospital’s latest “Truth In Medicine Poll” reveals 80 percent of parents from New York and Long Island think vaping is addictive and 63 percent consider it unsafe.

Juul-commissioned study reinforces relative safety of vaping emissions

An advocacy group campaigning on behalf of vaping companies and users said it was not surprised by a study showing that emissions from e-cigarettes are much less harmful that second hand smoke from traditional cigarettes.

CANNABIS INDUSTRY: First Time Users and Young Adults Choose Cannabis Over Cigarettes

Most regions around the world allow young adults at the age of 18 to enjoy or purchase their own alcohol and tobacco.

Non-tobacco flavors encourage switch from cigarettes, study says

A study that tracked 37,000 U.S. adult smokers found that JUUL users who used non-tobacco flavored products were more likely to switch from cigarettes than those who used tobacco flavored JUUL products.

Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Indiana are first in vaping, QuoteWizard report says

A report by QuoteWizard, a LendingTree company, found that Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Indiana are tops in vaping based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.

NATIONAL TOBACCO ADMINISTRATION: NEDA official bats for alternative uses of tobacco

NATIONAL Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Under-secretary for Regional Development Adoracion M. Navarro urged NTA to find other alternative uses of tobacco, especially for large-scale or commercial production, as a part of the government efforts to boost the tobacco industry.

Vaping companies fight against stronger regulations

Advocates for e-cigarettes are fighting against the government’s effort to put tighter restrictions on vaping.

JUUL LABS, INC.: Study Demonstrates Smokers Who Used Non-Tobacco-Flavored JUUL Products Were More Likely To Switch From Cigarettes Than Those Who Used Tobacco-Flavored JUUL Products

JUUL Labs announced results from a study that found adult smokers who primarily used non-tobacco-flavored JUUL products were more likely than those who primarily used tobacco-flavored JUUL products to have successfully switched from smoking combustible cigarettes over a 6-month period.

U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION: FDA finalizes guidance for premarket tobacco product applications for electronic nicotine delivery systems as part of commitment to continuing a strong oversight of e-cigarettes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized its guidancefor manufacturers submitting new tobacco product applications through the premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) pathway for electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), such as e-cigarettes or “vapes,” and the liquid nicotine and nicotine-containing e-liquids used with such products, as part of the agency’s continued commitment to its oversight of tobacco products.

Pod vapes have seen increased investment, says Fact.MR study

The pod vapes have grown in recent years, according to a Fact.MR study, especially because of their small size and effective nicotine delivery.

Tobacco and alcohol companies look to cannabis

The recent boom and legalization in the cannabis industry has made previous competitors like the tobacco and alcohol industry look to how cannabis can help their companies from decline.

PHYSICIANS FOR CIVIL DEFENSE: Is Marijuana Worse than Tobacco, Asks Physicians for Civil Defense

There is a nationwide push to legalize recreational marijuana, partly fueled by states' fears of losing tax revenues to neighboring states where cannabis is legal, according to the Doctors for Preparedness Newsletter.

Juul twitter followers are mostly underage

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that, in April 2018, almost all (80.6 percent) of JUUL’s individual Twitter followers were underage.

FOUNDATION FOR A SMOKE-FREE WORLD: Global Researchers Mobilize to Improve Quitting Tools as World No Tobacco Day Focuses on Smokers' Lung Health

New health, science, and technology grants will allow 100+ researchers to explore smoking cessation and harm-reduction innovation

GSK CONSUMER HEALTHCARE: Nicorette and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Launch New Nicorette Coated Ice Mint Lozenges to Help Smokers Succeed on Their Quest to Quit

Former Smoker and Racing Legend Teams Up with America's #1 Smoking Cessation Brand to Offer Taste Test Drives So Smokers Can Put the Brakes on Their Cravings

Non-combustible cigarettes heat tobacco at lower temperatures

A combustible cigarette and a non-combustible cigarette are different in the way they are made and consumed.

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