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Raising age to 21 may not prevent youth e-cigarette use

Studies on tobacco use in middle school and high school students in Hawaii and Massachusetts found there was an increase in e-cigarette use after the age of sale was raised to 21.

Microbes found in e-cigarettes

According to research by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, popular e-cigarettes have bacterial and fungal toxins.

E-cigarette study showing trace contaminants should compare findings to traditional cigarettes: industry groups

A recent Harvard study looked at 75 different e-cigarettes to conclude that 81 percent of them contain traces of fungi and another 23 percent of them contained traces of bacteria.

The number of Americans who believe vaping is less dangerous than smoking has dropped

Recent studies have shown that the number of Americans who believe that vaping is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes has dropped, causing concerns throughout the vaping industry.

FROST & SULLIVAN: A Majority of Healthcare Professionals in New Zealand are Supportive of Alternatives to Cigarettes if Regulated for Use in Tobacco Harm Reduction

A majority of healthcare professionals in New Zealand view Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, as a viable alternative to cigarettes if they are legalised and regulated appropriately, according to new research conducted by Frost & Sullivan.

JUUL sued by parents of teen who claim vaping caused seizures

JUUL Labs has been sued by the parents of a nicotine-addicted teen who allegedly suffers seizures from e-cigarette use.

Philip Morris pushes alternative products that heat but don't burn tobacco

Philip Morris is heavily advertising its new IQOS brand of products — the I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking products heat tobacco but do not let it burn.

Smokeless tobacco manufacturers seek modified-risk claims on their products

A new tobacco product is being introduced as a safer way to smoke cigarettes, but manufacturers believe that there are not sufficient modified-risk claims in place to protect users.

Estimated 3 million American adults have used vaping products to quit smoking

The topic of e-cigarettes has been hot ever since their introduction to the market. While some say they have helped smokers quit entirely, others say they have introduced tobacco to a new generation of users.

E-cigarette and vaporizer market forecast to grow through 2027

From 2017 to 2027, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are poised to continue to grow in popularity, according to an industry report.

CASAA CEO chides FDA commissioner's claim linking seizures to vaping

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who left office last week, was accused by a prominent vaping advocate of "throwing rubbish against the wall" as he walked out the door.

Positive growth for global tobacco market projected through 2023

A global analysis of the tobacco market says the global tobacco market is projected to grow through 2023, thanks in part to smokeless tobacco. The report, by Azoth Analytics and available through Report Buyer, is broken down into type, subtype, region and country and projects CAGR of 1.96 percent from 2018-2023.

Chicago's cloud of tobacco lawsuits are unjustified, says former watchdog

In response to Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel's pursuit of lawsuits against tobacco and e-cigarette businesses, former executive director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch Travis Akin suggested that more individual and parental responsibility, not lawsuits against the source of the products, is a better solution to the growing popularity of vaping among young people.

Study says JUUL users abstain from smoking cigarettes for a month

A study by JUUL published in the Harm Reduction Journal showed that almost half of adult smokers who started using JUUL products abstained from smoking traditional cigarettes for up to a month, according to a press release issued by the company.

Vape maker JUUL reports its products help smokers abandon combustible cigarettes

Could e-cigarettes be the gateway out of smoking traditional combustible cigarettes?

Proposed laws would crack down on flavored vaping products

Vaping — the act of inhaling vapors, usually through an electronic cigarette, created by heating an “e-liquid” — is touted by e-cigarette manufacturers as safer than inhaling tobacco and a way to help cigarette smokers to quit. According to a press release issued by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), if her new law passes they’re going to have to prove that or stop producing flavored vaping liquids.

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