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Judge rules in favor of the American Academy of Pediatrics on e-cigarettes

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and its partners won a lawsuit that the Food and Drug Administration cannot delay review of e-cigarettes.

Trade association monitoring court order for FDA to speed up review of vaping products

A trade association is taking a “wait and see” stance following a federal court ruling that orders the Food and Drug Administration to speed up its review of vaping products.

Vaping advocates urging FDA to appeal federal court ruling ordering review of products

Advocates for vaping are urging the Food and Drug Administration to appeal a court ruling ordering the agency to speed up its review of the use of e-cigarettes.

Non-combustible cigarettes heat tobacco at lower temperatures

A combustible cigarette and a non-combustible cigarette are different in the way they are made and consumed.

Director hopes new documentary changes negative perceptions about nicotine

A Milwaukee-based film director hopes to change negative perceptions about nicotine with his second documentary.

Vermont latest state to move forward with hefty tax on vaping products

A bill passed by Vermont's two legislative chambers to impose a 92 percent wholesale tax on vaping products, including liquid-filled cartridges and electronic devices is likely to be signed by the governor.

POLL: US consumers want government to keep hands off the tech sector and embrace vaping

Consumer polling shows consumers want their freedom to choose to be protected, and favor innovation rather than regulation to solve major issues

Xuan Wu Subsidiary Reaches Agreement to Develop Nicotine Nanoparticles for Vaping Industry

Xuan Wu International Group Holding Company (OTC PINK: “XNWU”) announced that its controlled subsidiary Nano Vape Corporation (“Nano Vape”) has entered into a product development and license agreement with a related party, NMB Therapeutics, Inc. (“NMB”), a Florida corporation.

Oregon introduces bills to tax cigarettes, e-cigarettes

Oregon may turn to cigarette and e-cigarette taxes in order to save the Medicaid program.

Smaller brands grow amid emerging vape market

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, with almost 1 in 20 adults using some form of e-cigarette, according to Reuters.

'A win for public health': AVA praises FDA approval of marketing for IQOS tobacco heating system

Late last month, the Food and Drug Administration approved premarket tobacco applications for Philip Morris International’s IQOS device, Marlboro Heatsticks, Marlboro Smooth Menthol Heatsticks and Marlboro Fresh Menthol Heatsticks, a move the American Vaping Association called “a win for public health.”

PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL: ‘Can a Tobacco Company Be Sustainable?’ Philip Morris International Says ‘Absolutely,’ and Outlines Clear Progress Toward a Sustainable, Smoke-Free Future

Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI) (NYSE:PM) today published its fourth Sustainability Report, detailing its progress in key areas across its value chain. PMI’s mission to unsmoke the world is core to its sustainability ambition and business strategy.

Opponent of drive to raise vaping minimum age voice concern over ‘unintended consequences’

Disparate groups are raising their voices against moves by legislators to raise the minimum age to buy vaping products, with claims that they may backfire and undermine public health.

PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL: CORRECTING and REPLACING US FDA Action Enables Millions of American Smokers to Give Up Cigarettes

Philip Morris International and Altria Will Make Better Choices Available Through Socially Responsible Practices

WESTERN DENTAL SERVICES: Western Dental Warns of Dangers of Smoking, Vaping and Tobacco on Your Teeth and Gums

Nearly 40 million people in the U.S. smoke and 4.7 million middle and high school students use a tobacco product including e-cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Raising age to 21 may not prevent youth e-cigarette use

Studies on tobacco use in middle school and high school students in Hawaii and Massachusetts found there was an increase in e-cigarette use after the age of sale was raised to 21.

FDA approves marketing for IQOS Tobacco Heating System

Marketing by Philip Morris Products for the IQOS Tobacco Heating System was approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

WHO analysis: Cigarette smoking rate in U.S. to dip 6.5% over 15 years

The current cigarette smoking rate among men and women in the United States will decline from 19 percent in 2010 to 12.5 percent by 2025, according to a report by the World Health Organization.

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