Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

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SOUTHEAST ASIA TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Philippines: DOF to propose higher taxes on e-cigs, vapes; juice flavors to be limited to two

The Department of Finance is proposing to raise taxes on electronic cigarettes and vapes to impose restriction for smokers on Thursday.

SOUTHEAST ASIA TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Cambodia: Gov’t to act against sale of unstamped cigarette packets

From this month, joint working groups formed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance will act against those involved in the distribution and sale of cigarette packets devoid of tax stamps.

HEALTH JUSTICE PHILIPPINES: Health Groups to Senators: Protect the health of the Filipino Youth, Pass Tobacco Tax Hike Now

Justice Philippines warned that failure to pass the proposal to increase tobacco tax pending in the Senate may result to more child and youth deaths.

One of the highest cigarette taxes in the nation coming to Illinois

A $45 billion infrastructure plan passed by Illinois law makers on June 1 includes a $1 per-pack cigarette tax hike, which would result in a $2.98 tax per-pack on cigarettes.

SOUTHEAST ASIA TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Philippines: House, Senate agree on tobacco tax increase

The bill raising the excise on tobacco products is only waiting for President Rodrigo Duterte’s signature to become law following its final approval by the House of Representatives and the Senate at the close of the 17th Congress on Tuesday.

Vaping business owners expect new attempt to introduce tax on products next session

Vaping business owners in Colorado expect a fresh push to tax nicotine liquid next year following a failed attempt to introduce a ballot initiative for voters to decide on its introduction in November.

SOUTHEAST ASIA TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Thailand: Tax-evasion lawsuit to proceed against Philip Morris

PUBLIC Health Minister Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn assured yesterday that a lawsuit against a leading tobacco firm over tax-evasion charges would continue as normal.

Vermont latest state to move forward with hefty tax on vaping products

A bill passed by Vermont's two legislative chambers to impose a 92 percent wholesale tax on vaping products, including liquid-filled cartridges and electronic devices is likely to be signed by the governor.

Oregon introduces bills to tax cigarettes, e-cigarettes

Oregon may turn to cigarette and e-cigarette taxes in order to save the Medicaid program.

SOUTHEAST ASIA TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Cambodia: Health experts call for more tobacco taxes to save lives

Health experts on Tuesday called on the government to save Cambodian lives by raising tobacco taxes and use the revenues to expand healthcare benefits for the general public.

SOUTHEAST ASIA TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Cambodia: Call for increase in tobacco taxes

Health experts are calling for the government to increase tobacco tax and use the money to expand health care benefits for the general public.

Analysis: Connecticut, New York have highest state cigarette taxes

Connecticut and New York levy the highest cigarette taxes of any state, according to a new analysis from the Tax Foundation based on 2016 data.

Federal tobacco tax revenues down 6.2% in fiscal year 2018

Tobacco taxes collected by the federal government in fiscal year 2018 declined 6.2 percent over revenues for the previous year, according to recently released figures.

Tobacco tax return due dates for 2019

The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has released due dates for alcohol and tobacco product manufacturers to pay their 2019 excise tax obligations.

SOUTHEAST ASIAN TOBACCO CONTROL ALLIANCE: Philippines: Anti-smoking advocates see higher sin tax as key vs TB

ANTI-SMOKING advocates renewed on Friday, March 22, their call for higher tax rates for cigarettes saying it would be beneficial in the fight against tuberculosis (TB) epidemic in the Philippines.

Low-income Richmonders would be hit hardest by proposed cigarette tax, experts say

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney recently proposed a 50-cent cigarette-tax increase as part of his 2020 budget, a move that experts say would hit the city’s low-income residents hardest.

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