Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act bans indoor vaping in public areas

Colorado has amended the Colorado Indoor Clean Air Act, banning the use of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes in most indoor public places.

Previously, vaping was allowed 15 feet away in front of public entrances. With the revised act, the allowed distance has been increased to 25 feet.

The effort is meant to protect people inhaling secondhand smoke, especially customers and employees working at restaurants and bars.

According to Alison Reidmohr, the tobacco communications specialist for Colorado’s Department of Health and Public Environment, the amended law aligns the state with best practices according to health studies.

“That’s because the best studies have shown that drifting secondhand smoke can still have an impact on people up to 25 feet away,” Reidhmor said.

Additionally, it is an action to address statewide concerns about teenage students vaping according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. A survey showed 25 percent of High Schoolers from the State use e-cigarettes, approximately double the national average. However, the department is positive that clear and defined smoke-free policies can lower the probability of the of young people smoking.

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