MOLL LAW GROUP: Chicago Law Firm Investigating the Makers of JUUL E-Cigarettes for allegedly targeting teens into addiction

Moll Law Group issued the following announcement on Aug. 15.

A Chicago law firm stated today that it is investigating the makers of JUUL e-cigarettes. Moll Law Group has been contacted and is currently investigating claims of teen addiction and injuries associated with nicotine ingestion, including a recent warning by the federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of the association between seizures and e-cigarettes.

Health authorities consider youth e-cigarette use an epidemic. And now that Philip Morris, seller of Marlboro, the country's most popular cigarette especially among youth, partnered with JUUL, the country's lead e-cigarette seller, progress in nicotine cessation stands to erode, says Moll Law Group.

The E-Cigarette Epidemic

According to the CDC, about 4.9 million middle and high school students were current users of a tobacco product in 2018, meaning that they used such products within the past 30 days. This represents an increase of 1.3 million users just since 2017.

The JUUL E-Cigarette

Since its launch in 2015, JUUL has become the dominant e-cigarette manufacturer in the United States. Its revenues grew by 700% in 2017. According to a recent Wells-Fargo report, JUUL owns three-quarters of the e-cigarette market.

About Moll Law Group

Moll Law Group is a National Injury Law Firm based in Chicago helping injured victims obtain the compensation they deserve.

Moll Law Group was one of 56 members of the Castano Tobacco Litigation Group that sued the Tobacco Industry under novel legal and scientific theories. The Castano Litigation Group had a major impact in the tobacco litigation wars that led to a $206 billion Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) in November, 1998. The companies also agreed to curtail or cease certain tobacco marketing practices, especially those aimed at children, fund anti-smoking campaigns (e.g. The Truth) and disband industry trade groups. Within four years of the settlements, overall smoking rates fell by 13 percent for ages 18 to 20 and those over 65 and by five percent for ages 21 to 64.

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