Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday, August 19, 2019

CANADIAN VAPING ASSOCIATION: Issues statement on Health Canada action

Canadian Vaping Association issued the following announcement on April 23.

The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA) shares our support of Health Canada’s action which shut down Vype’s Tunnel promotion on April 21st, at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, Ontario. In our Notice of Intent “Potential Measures to Reduce the Impact of Vaping Products Advertising on Youth and Non-Users of Tobacco Products” prepared for Health Canada, we submitted three key proposals in support of these measures, 1. Display and promotion in retail environments should be restricted to age of majority stores, 2. National and brand specific advertising should be restricted and 3. Mandating that E-commerce and online sales must be delivered via a age verification platform.

“I am pleased to see Health Canada enforce the ban on this type of lifestyle promotion,” said Darryl Tempest, Executive Director and Lead Advocate of The Canadian Vaping Association. “We as an organization are very concerned with any uptake of vaping products for youth and non-smokers alike; vaping products and education around relative risks should be restricted to adult smokers within adult only environments. Our organization is aligned with Health Canada’s objective to restrict youth exposure to vape products and lifestyle brand elements, including national media advertisements and promotions of this nature.”

The CVA’s Board of Directors and membership is comprised of individual organizations from manufacturing and retail speciality product vape shops. It is the Board’s responsibility to provide counsel and guidance in the direction and operation of the CVA as well to raise awareness of vaping with Government agencies, concerned stakeholders, and the community at large.

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