Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

BIOHIT HEALTHCARE: Acetium® lozenge for smoking intervention will shortly be distributed in Italy within Difar Consumer Care® product division

Biohit Healthcare issued the following announcement on April 17.

CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj: “We are pleased to get the Acetium® lozenge available also in Italy. Acetium® lozenge for smoking intervention is one of Biohit’s numerous innovations resulting from the aggressive innovation and patenting strategy of the company. Acetium® lozenge is free from nicotine and side effects, and it offers a new and safe method for those motivated to quit smoking.”

Difar Distribuzione s.r.l is an Italian leading company in the distribution and promotion of healthcare consumer products. The company is active since more than 15 years dealing with a wide range of goods, from supplements to medical devices.

Difar Distribuzione’s mission is to select high-quality products in order to add value and ensure efficiency to its partners and end consumers, through Difar Consumer Care® products division.

CEO Salvatore Di Giovanni, Difar Distribuzione s.r.l: “I believe that the partnership between our companies will build up a wide availability of Acetium® lozenge in Italy. Thanks to our know-how and commitment in medical devices field we are going to share with end consumers, who are looking for a powerful way to quit smoking and to alleviate tobacco dependence, the great innovation behind Acetium® lozenges. Many researches underline that in Italy tobacco smoking causes from 70.000 to 83.000 deaths annually.”

The effectiveness of Acetium® lozenge in smoking intervention has been evaluated in clinical trial. When regularly used concomitantly with every smoked cigarette, eventually the taste of cigarettes changes and the pleasure of smoking decreases making it easier for a smoker to quit.

Acetium® lozenge contains L-cysteine, a natural amino acid that binds carcinogenic acetaldehyde dissolved in saliva from cigarette smoke. It removes up to 90 % of smoke-derived acetaldehyde in saliva. Normal saliva does not contain acetaldehyde.3 Acetaldehyde is a class I human carcinogen4 and one of the main components of tobacco smoke. The lozenge also contains xylitol to reduce the production of acetaldehyde by bacteria in the mouth and improve overall oral hygiene.

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