Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tobacco products made in U.S. down 27% in December


Tobacco products manufactured in the United States in December of last year exceeded 13 billion, representing a 27.4 percent drop over products manufactured during the previous month, according to newly released Department of the Treasury numbers.

The tobacco products consist of cigarettes, small and large cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and roll-your-own tobacco.

The total for tobacco products manufactured in 2018 numbered more than 237 billion, a 6 percent decrease compared to what was produced domestically in 2017.

And taxable tobacco products removed from factories or customs in December numbered nearly 17 billion, which was down less than 1 percent from removed tobacco products the previous month, federal statistics show.

The volume of products removed from factories or customs during all of 2018 was more than 232 billion, a 5 percent drop over the previous year.


Tobacco Products Manufactured Domestically

Product DescriptionDecember 2018November 2018Cumulative

for 2018

Cumulative for 2017
Cigarettes - Small12,899,885,86417,845,794,569230,815,436,927245,632,115,201
Cigars - Small96,718,509117,167,0311,019,078,339955,815,513
Cigars - Large336,889,221414,551,9445,114,606,5035,561,265,413
Chewing Tobacco830,9231,421,68316,681,59417,627,762
Pipe Tobacco2,658,6722,933,73234,402,16136,539,370
Roll-Your-Own Tobacco121,610119,1571,855,1152,493,068

Taxable Tobacco Products Removed From Factories or Customs

Product DescriptionDecember





for 2018


for 2017

Cigarettes - Small16,456,878,31416,540,590,538226,916,084,039239,296,509,804
Cigars - Small22,178,58026,406,876356,149,968414,659,792
Cigars - Large (Selling for $763,222 per 1,000 or


Cigars - Large (Selling for more than $763,222 per 1,000)141,855177,0832,545,53727,110,952
Chewing Tobacco1,010,7301,434,11516,781,07917,485,069
Pipe Tobacco2,561,9552,826,19532,689,19735,072,061
Roll-Your-Own Tobacco129,308133,7581,950,3932,462,680
Source: Department of the Treasury

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