INTELLICHECK NYSE AMERICAN: New York State Vapor Association Collaborates With Intellicheck to Help Members Prevent Underage Access to Vaping Products

Intellicheck NYSE American issued the following announcement on March 12.

Intellicheck (NYSE AMERICAN: IDN), a trusted industry leader in identity authentication solutions, announced a partnership with the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA), a trade association of independent state businesses involved in the vapor products industries. The partnership is aimed at stopping underage access to vaping products by enabling NYSVA members access to purchase Intellicheck’s Age ID™ technology solution at a distinctive rate. Age ID authenticates driver licenses and other forms of government-issued identification, allowing retailers to identify fake IDs presented at the point of sale, on mobile devices and online.

“We are committed to averting the use of vaping products by minors, and because laws have not kept pace with technology, we are going beyond what the law requires. The law states we only need to look at an ID. Unfortunately, high-tech fakes are virtually impossible to catch with the naked eye and are readily available on the internet. As an organization, we decided that to keep vaping products out of the hands of minors, we should arm ourselves with the same tools as the New York State Liquor Authority and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles use to police the sale of age restricted products. This partnership does exactly that,” said NYSVA President Michael Frennier.

Frennier called the partnership a win-win scenario. “Not only do our members now have a potent deterrent to the use of fake IDs, but Age ID’s additional features allow us to improve customer service for our legitimate customers with a heightened level of personalization,” he concluded.

The New York State Vapor Association is the trade organization in New York that represents independent vapor product small business owners. New York State has more than 700 independent vape shops with more than 2700 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers.

“We understand the frustration that comes with the problems presented by sophisticated fake IDs because we have heard that same frustration expressed by even the most seasoned police officers who have found that traditional methods are not effective in catching fake IDs. Age ID has proven to be a potent and cost-effective solution to the problem, and we are very pleased to welcome yet another vaping association to our national community of partnerships,” said Intellicheck CEO Bryan Lewis.

Age ID doesn’t just scan, it authenticates. The state-of-the-art technology solution authenticates IDs and verifies age information in real-time with 99.9 percent accuracy. The budget friendly SaaS technology is easy to adopt and use and is readily deployed on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets and can also quickly and easily be integrated with point-of-sale solutions. Age ID draws on a comprehensive, proprietary database, updated on an ongoing basis, to ensure information is timely and accurate.

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