Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday, August 17, 2019

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U.S. FDA: Notifies four companies to remove 44 flavored e-liquid and hookah tobacco products from the market for not having required marketing authorization

Agency remains vigilant in investigating and taking action against illegally marketed tobacco products amid epidemic of youth e-cigarette use

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY: New Report Highlights Big Tobacco's Dangerous Attempts to Co-opt Promising Public Health Policies to Serve Their Own Agenda

Report Also Finds States Are Missing Opportunities to Reduce Suffering and Death from Cancer by Failing to Pass and Implement Evidence-Based Policies

22ND CENTURY GROUP, INC.: FDA Accepts and Files 22nd Century Group’s Modified Risk Tobacco Product Application for VLN™ Cigarettes

22nd Century Group, Inc. (NYSE American: XXII), a plant biotechnology company that is a world leader in tobacco harm reduction, announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted and filed for substantive scientific review the Company’s Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application for its exclusive Very Low Nicotine Content (VLNC) cigarettes under the proposed brand name of VLNTM. 22nd Century’s proposed VLNTM cigarettes are made with the Company’s proprietary VLNC tobacco and, as a result, contain very low levels of nicotine.

Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana are top states for vaping, study finds

Oklahoma, Kentucky and Indiana topped a new study ranking e-cigarette use in all 50 states.

German scientists grow less addictive tobacco plants

Scientists from the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany successfully grew tobacco plants that only contain 0.04 milligrams of nicotine per gram – 99.7 percent less than other common plants. The team published their research in the Plant Biotechnology Journal in early June this year.

CDC position on vaping may work against harm reduction: critics

Concern over vaping among teens is a driving force behind the message being delivered by government health agencies, but advocates for the use of non-tobacco products believe this could work against harm reduction.

Heated Tobacco Products vaporizing Japanese cigarette sales

Heated Tobacco Products (HTPs) have created a substantial impact in foreign countries, such as Japan and South Korea, gaining a 17.4 percent share of the cigarette and heated-tobacco-stick market and contributing to declining cigarette sales in Japan, according to a report from the American Cancer Society.

‘Tobacco Nation’ youth smoking rate rivals that of many 3rd World nations

If the 13 U.S. states with the highest smoking rates were a nation, it would be among those countries with the highest rates of tobacco use among youth, according to a study from the nonprofit Truth Initiative.

Confusion remains within vaping industry over FDA regulation

Confusion remains among those involved in the vaping industry over what manufacturers must do to comply with future regulations laid down by the Food and Drug Administration, industry insiders said.

Consumer advocate says more vaping studies will help products remain on the market

The chief executive officer for Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASSA) said investigating patterns of use and consumer preferences for e-cigarettes is vital to ensuring that vapor products can remain on the market.

‘Tobacco Nation’ residents face greater mortality risks

In the 13 states with distinctly elevated smoking rates, rates of heart disease, respiratory illness, and lung and other cancers are higher than in the rest of the nation, according to a new study from the Washington-based Truth Initiative.

‘Tobacco Nation’ less diverse than rest of nation, study finds

The 13 states with some of the highest smoking rates in the nation display distinct demographic differences compared to the rest of the nation, according to a new study of a region termed “Tobacco Nation.”

Over 190 localities have restrictions on flavored tobacco

Although federal law bans all flavored cigarettes except menthol, two states and more than 190 counties or cities have additional restrictions on flavored tobacco products, according to the nonprofit group Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Vaping giant accused of lobbying against interests of small business owners

Vaping businesses in Louisiana are accusing JUUL of working against the interests of the small store owners by supporting a bill to up the minimum age to buy the products.

13 states found to have elevated smoking levels, health care disparities

Thirteen states, dubbed “Tobacco Nation,” have smoking rates that top the rest of the United States, and their residents face greater health challenges, a new study by Truth Initiative concludes.

Illinois bill aiming to ban e-cigs in indoor places faces opposition

A bill that aims to ban e-cigarettes in public indoor places is facing opposition from the Smoke Free Alternatives Coalition of Illinois.

Vaping business owners expect new attempt to introduce tax on products next session

Vaping business owners in Colorado expect a fresh push to tax nicotine liquid next year following a failed attempt to introduce a ballot initiative for voters to decide on its introduction in November.

WHO analysis: Only 14.2% of U.S. females will smoke by 2025

The percentage of females who smoke tobacco occasionally or daily in the United States, which was estimated at 27.6 in the year 2000, will drop to 14.2 by 2025, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO analysis: Only 19.4% of males will smoke by 2025

The percentage of males who smoke tobacco occasionally or daily in the United States, which was estimated at 34.2 in the year 2000, will drop to 19.4 by 2025, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Trade association monitoring court order for FDA to speed up review of vaping products

A trade association is taking a “wait and see” stance following a federal court ruling that orders the Food and Drug Administration to speed up its review of vaping products.

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